One of the main reasons why the front brakes in your car are considered to be more important than the rear brakes is because a majority of the mass is behind them. The primary function of the rear brakes is to preserve the front brakes’ life by sharing the workload. Since they have to ensure less pressure than the front brakes, they tend to last longer. The front brakes pad, on the other hand, wear every time you apply the brakes.

If you ever feel that the performance of the front brakes has deteriorated, visit a reputed garage offering vehicle repair and servicing. They know how to repair the front brakes efficiently without punching a hole in your pocket. They might even share a few tips which will help you fix the minor faults in your car’s front brakes.

Willing To Repair Your Car’s Front Brakes? Do It In 4 Easy Steps

  • Step One – Remove Brake Pads

Use a jack or hoist to lift the car safely and remove the front wheels. There are two small bolts in the brake calliper which attaches the calliper with the bracket. Lift the calliper after removing the bottom bolt. This will expose the brake pads. Push back the calliper and remove the brake pads. Thought the front braking systems of almost all the cars are similar, it is always advisable to get the wheels removed by experienced mechanics.

  • Step Two – Measure The Rotors

You have to measure the brake rotors after removing the pads. This is necessary as undersized rotors can compromise the safety of your car on the road. Get hold of a good vernier calliper and adjust it so they have little points on them. Zero in the verniers by putting the points together and pressing zero. Open and put them over the rotor. Move it a little after closing the points and you can find the lowest point. This is the size of the rotors.

  • Step Three – Machine The Rotors

There are two bolts on the brake calliper’s bracket which you need to remove before removing the rotors. If the rotors have screws, use your hand to remove them. Tap the screws with a hammer if you find that they have rusted. There is a disc in the disc machine which fits nicely inside the rotor. Place the spring and fit a cone through the rotor’s center hole. The cone should integrate the rotor on the brake lathe. That’s not all. Machining the rotors is quite time-consuming so get it done by professionals offering vehicle repairs and servicing.

  • Step Four – Reassemble

Use a rag to clean the slide after removing it from the calliper bracket. Take some high-temperature grease and apply a thin layer on the slide. You will get more economic braking if the slides can move freely. The machined rotor has to be reinstalled. If you feel that its quality has deteriorated, get it replaced instead of machining. Even new rotors have to be cleaned with a cleaner and rag before installation. This will prevent them from getting rusty.

These being said, it’s time you follow the steps stated above or approach a reputed garage if you want to repair your car’s front brakes efficiently.