You will be surprised to know that there are still a few car owners who think twice before taking their car to a petrol station for refuelling just because they suppose it to be a dangerous place. This is simply a myth which people need to debunk. As far as hazards like a potential fire are concerned, there are a few safety measures you can undertake while getting your car refuelled from the petrol station.

Tips To Ensure Your Safety While Refuelling Your Car From A Petrol Station in Wokingham

  • Supervise Your Kids

If you have taken your kids to the petrol station, never leave them unattended.  Not only should they always be under your supervision but you also have to choose a safe place and instruct your kids to stay there. This is a must as large vehicles keep on moving there. Safety should always be your priority and never taken lightly. High levels of fuels are stored here which can make it a dangerous place really quick.

  • Avoid Fire

A petrol station is one of the few places which are filled with various types of combustibles and so the chances of ignition are also quite high. The easiest way to prevent such accidents is by avoiding any type of item which is capable of starting a fire in the petrol station. There are a few vital precautions everyone visiting the place should follow like avoiding smoking, not playing with a lighter or lighting a matchstick. All these items are powerful enough to cause a fire.

  • Switch Off Your Mobile

Though people generally ignore this precaution when visiting a petrol station, it has been scientifically proven that mobile phones are responsible for emitting radiation. If the weather is too hot, your phone can simply heat up and explode. This will no doubt become a very dangerous situation if you are at a petrol station in Wokingham. It is not only about the sun but your phone can heat up due to various reasons. The easiest way to avoid accidents like these is by switching off your phone every time you take your car for refuelling.

  • Turn Off The Engine

Even if you are not too concerned about saving fuel, make sure you turn off the engine of your vehicle every time you halt at the petrol station for the attendant to refuel your engine. It is one of the few safety measures which can help in avoiding numerous fatal accidents. The threat of a fire can increase drastically if fuel suddenly starts drooling from the nozzle and you have not turned off the engine.

Time to follow the tips stated above and ensuring your safety when refuelling your car will become easier.