It is essential to take your vehicles for maintenance check-ups at regular intervals.  This should be done after a specific distance covered by the car. This is referred to as the service intervals as specified by the manufacturer of the particular car model. One must follow the service schedule.  It can be done in garages or a petrol station in Wokingham authorised to offer such services.

What are the key inclusions in a standard vehicle maintenance service?

Service is different from an MOT test, which is more of a legal investigation to find out if it is safe to drive the vehicle based on the criteria set by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The service checklist includes the examination of the fluids and the main components of the vehicle to judge its workability and level of performance. Service also helps in determining which are the vehicle parts that are ageing and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Types of car services

There are three types of service packages offered by most of the service stations.  They are Interim, Major, and Full. Different garages, petrol stations, and dealerships have different names for the packages they offer, but basically, they constitute the three forms mentioned here. The pricing structure, therefore, should not vary to a great extent.

Interim Service:  This is the entry-level package, often referred to as the ‘Bronze’ or ‘Basic’ package. This service pack is meant for vehicles with high mileage of more than 20,000 miles or more in a year. One might require more than one such service annually.


  • Oil change.
  • Oil filter change.
  • Inspection of main components like tyres, lights, wipers, and so on.
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • A thorough inspection for fluid leaks.
  • Top-up for brake, engine, and other fluids.

Full Service: This is generally referred to as ‘Silver’ or ‘Intermediate'[ service. This is done once in a year or after covering 12,000 miles. If the car has lower mileage annually, then it is sufficient to go for one such service in a year.

All the checklist for an interim service package is included in this pack along with some additional services. They are,


  • Spark plugs change (petrol).
  • Fuel filter change (diesel).
  • Air filter change.
  • Extensive brake inspection.
  • Testing of air conditioning system.
  • Inspection of wheel bearings and shock absorbers.
  • Checking of Radiator and coolant hose.
  • Testing of electrical components like battery, alternator and starter motor.

Major Service: This is the top-level service pack referred to as ‘Gold’ or ‘Master’ service. It is recommended to avail it after covering 24,000 miles or once in two years

This is a comprehensive service pack including all the services included in a full-service package. Additionally, changing of cabin filter and brake fluid is also included. Thus, the brake would work more effectively after the contaminated brake fluid is removed. At the same time, the air quality in the cabin also gets improved with the change in the cabin filter clogged with debris and dust.

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