Drive a car? You must be a regular visitor to fuel stations then – even if not daily, at least weekly. Visiting the best petrol station in Wokingham is important for every vehicle owner to fill up his/her car. But do you find certain aspects to be mystifying when you visit a gas station? Well there are a few things and developments which you are unaware of.

No matter how much you complain about the rapidly increasing fuel prices, visiting petrol stations is important for every motorist to keep their vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Just because nothing bad has ever happened to you at a gas station, it doesn’t mean that you will be immune to the dangers present at the station.


Check out the handy guide below to learn a few interesting things about petrol stations you had not known about so far.

Petrol Station In Wokingham: An Insider Look For Every Driver & Vehicle Owner

  1. The Rule Of No Mobile Phone Usage On The Forecourt

When mobile phones gained popularity, most fuel stations had prominent notices asking their customers not to use cell phones on the forecourt. This was because there were huge concerns that the usage of an electrical device in the vicinity of flammable fuels might ignite petrol vapour, leading to explosions. Though this has been disapproved scientifically, later on, it’s best to avoid using them when you are outside your vehicle.

  1. Attendants Control Fuel Pumps

Motorists are often left confused when the pump doesn’t reset even after they unhook the hose. The reason is that they are authorised by the attendants in the gas station, so there can be a slight display if they are busy. Pumps need to be visible to the attendants so that they can check if the motorist is underage, behaves in an unsafe manner or fills up canisters.

  1. Most Petrol Stations Are Independently Owned

Though you may see the names of major petrol companies displayed large at the local gas station, chances are that the station is owned by an independent person who is licensing from the company. Individual retailers set their own fuel prices based on what their competitors are doing and what they pay for the gas. A major reason why you should choose an independent petrol station is that you will able to support a local business.

  1. Certain Things Shouldn’t Be Worn While Pumping

There are some things which should never be worn while pumping, this is because; other than mobile phones, there are numerous things which can cause a spark and then a blaze. Synthetic fibers are more prone to catch a static charge than the natural ones and should thus be avoided when walking around fuel stations. This is because there’s a potential for clothes made with synthetic materials to cause static electricity.

Now that you are aware of these cool and interesting facts, don’t you feel great? Keep in mind this valuable information the next time you visit a petrol station for filling your car. Time to be a responsible motorist!